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We are the

New Chemistry of
Enzyme Design

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Our Vision

To create the knowledge and tools to design and build novel biomolecular components, pathways, and networks to rewire and reprogram organisms to supply humanity's needs.

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Bio-Production is the Future

  • Traditional chemical synthesis processes are harmful to the environment and are not sustainable

  • Enzymes are molecular bio-machines that perform chemical reactions.

  • Enzymes offer a superior and greener alternative to traditional chemical production.


is making bio-production the new standard. 

We Are Building a 

To improve existing enzyme functionality, at a fraction of the cost and time of alternative approaches.

To invent new enzymes to address unmet market needs.

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Bio-Production Hurdles 

  • Most enzymes are sourced from nature.

  • Nature does not provide a large enough enzyme repertoire to replace existing chemical synthesis.

  • Natural enzymes are often suboptimal for many manufacturing processes.

  • Developing efficient enzymes takes years of capital-intensive R&D.

Novel Enzyme Design is Incredibly Difficult 

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An algorithm evaluating 1 enzyme per millisecond (0.001s) would take 

approximately  10^249  years to complete.

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Our Technology

Protein sequence space is for even small proteins is intractable. There are over 10     possible sequence changes for any given protein



Our design algorithms produce libraries of designed enzyme candidates



Our proprietary infrastructure allows us to test millions of enzyme variants in a single experiment

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Our Deep-Learning algorithms use this vast amount of data for continuous learning and optimization

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Our Technology in Action

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Pinhas Sapir Street 3, Daren labs, Ness Ziona - Science Park, 7403626

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