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Team Page

Our Founders


Dror Baran

Co-founder & COO 

  • MSc, computational protein design - Weizmann Institute of Science. 

  • Protein engineering and molecular biology expert. 

  • Former Innovation Project Manager and Process Engineer at Biolojic Design. 

  • Former Founding Scientist at IgC - led the experimental platform development. 


Gideon Lapidoth

Co-founder, CEO and


  • PhD, computational protein design - Weizmann Institute of Science.

  • Developed computational algorithms for building novel antibodies and enzymes with high accuracy and activity.

  • Former Analyst at Yeda R&D (WIS).

  • Former infantry platoon commander in the IDF.

Advisory Board

Prof. Joseph Jacobson

Scientific Advisor

  • Tenured professor at MIT

  • Head of the Molecular Machines group at the Center for Bits and Atoms at the MIT Media Lab

  • World expert in synthetic biology  

  • Contributes to the scientific development of the platform


Prof. Michael C. Jewett

Scientific Advisor

  • Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Northwestern University

  • World expert in cell-free protein synthesis and synthetic biology


Giovanni Battistini

Business Advisor

A food and beverage industry expert with over a decade of experience working at the very top levels at industry-leading companies.


Among his previous roles:

  • Former Sr. VP of Open Innovation at Ferrero

Our Team


Lior Zimmerman

Head of Computational Design

  • MSc in bioinformatics from the Hebrew University.

  • An expert in bioinformatics with a specialization in machine-learning.

  • Founding scientists at IgC - developed novel algorithms for antibody design.


Nufar Shpigel

Senior R&D Scientist
Laboratory Manager

  • Ph.D. in Life Sciences, Ben-Gurion University

  • Broad scientific knowledge in the field of protein folding in-vivo, with specialization in  molecular biology, molecular genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology

  • Former scientist at Smart Assays.


Itay Levin


  • PhD in molecular biology from Tel Aviv University

  • Post-graduate studies in Samuel Miller's lab at the University of Washington, Seattle

  • Former senior scientific director at Biolojic Design, an antibody engineering company

  • Over 16 years of research experience in industry and academia


Noga Alon

R&D Scientist

  • MSc in Life Sciences, Ben-Gurion University

  • Extensive knowledge in molecular biology and molecular evolution

  • Experience in protein purification and characterization


Nitzan Kutnowski

Senior R&D Scientist

  • Senior scientist with vast experience in structural biology 

  • Ph.D. in structural biology u from Ben Gurion University in 2018 

  • Post graduate studies in UC Berkeley in Donald  Rio's lab

תמונה מיכאל_edited_edited.jpg

Michael Chalik

Senior R&D Scientist

  • Ph.D. in cell biology from Tel Aviv University

  • A former scientist and project leader in the Blavatnic Center for Drug Discovery at Tel Aviv University

  • An expert in cell and molecular biology, 

  • biological assay development and high-throughput screening. .

Eli Manasherov

Eli Manasherov

Junior R&D Scientist

  • MSc from Bar-Ilan university under the supervision of Prof. Yarden Opatowsky

  • Expertise in protein expression, purification and characterization

  • Scientific knowledge in cell biology and in-vivo protein analysis.


Olga Bluvshtein

Senior R&D Scientist

  • MSc in Biotechnology from Bar-Ilan University

  • Extensive experience in the biotech industry

  • Key contributor in several discovery programs that culminated in successful clinical trials


Lidor David

R&D Scientist

  • MSc in Biomedical science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • Expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry.

  • Scientific knowledge in cell biology and in-vivo protein analysis.


Shir Twito

R&D Scientist

  • Over 6 years of research experience in industry and academia

  • MSc in Plant molecular biology from Bar-Ilan University

  • R&D researcher at Biolojic design, an antibody engineering company

  • Former R&D Scientist at The genetics institute R&D lab at Tel Aviv Sourasky medical center


Natan Nagar

Bioinformatics Scientist

  • Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Tel Aviv University

  • Experience developing machine learning and deep learning applications for proteomics and structural bioinformatics 

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