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We are the

New Chemistry of
Enzyme Design

Our Vision

To create the knowledge and tools to design and build novel biomolecular components, pathways, and networks to rewire and reprogram organisms to supply humanity's needs.

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Propelled by

Technological Change

Enzymit’s technology allows for unprecedented search of sequence space which is both expansive and focused. Protein sequence space is for even small proteins is intractable. There are over 10    possible sequence changes for any given protein. Experimental screening can only test upto

10 -10  enzyme variants in a single experiment. These experiments are extremely laborious, time consuming and not generalizable.




We Are Building a 

To improve existing enzyme functionality, at a fraction of the cost and time of alternative approaches.

To invent new enzymes to address unmet market needs.

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The Enzyme

Conformation Space

Enzyme’s 3D structures define their function (their ability to work on the desired chemical) Each chemical requires the correct shape (conformation). To build new enzymes we need more structures. There are only a limited number of known enzyme structures (gathered from experiments). compared to the vast protein sequence data

we have obtained through various genome projects

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Our Technology

Protein sequence space is for even small proteins is intractable. There are over 10     possible sequence changes for any given protein


Data gathered is fed into deep learning algorithms for continuous optimization of our enzyme design pipeline

Computational protein
design algorithms
for new
chemistry enzyme design

Novel, proprietary experimental tools for high throughput testing of enzyme variants

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The Team

Dror Baran

Co-founder, COO and VP
R&D (Biologics)

  • MSc, computational protein design - Weizmann Institute of Science. 

  • Protein engineering and molecular biology expert. 

  • Former Innovation Project Manager and Process Engineer at Biolojic Design. 

  • Former Founding Scientist at IgC - led the experimental platform development. 

Gideon Lapidoth

Co-founder, CEO and


  • PhD, computational protein design - Weizmann Institute of Science.

  • Developed computational algorithms for building novel antibodies and enzymes with high accuracy and activity.

  • Former Analyst at Yeda R&D (WIS).

  • Former infantry platoon commander in the IDF.

Josh Jacobson

Business Development Analyst

  • BA in Business Administration and Economics, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (Senior). 

  • Former Investment Analyst at OurCrowd.

  • IDC Investment Management Group member. 

  • Former IDF special forces. 

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